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  1. Mississippi Parking Lot Collapses, Swallowing More Than a Dozen Cars

    Quote Originally Posted by cda View Post
    Is the metal pipe normally used for this drainage application???

    I normally see concrete
    Corrugated metal pipe like that is very common for use in drainage in many parts of the country. In many states the highway departments even use it for culverts under secondary roads. Actually the more dirt that is compacted around it the stronger it becomes because the dirt completely supports the exterior the pipe preventing it from deforming.
  2. Respect and Building Inspection

    I haven't been a building inspector for very long, only 4 years now, and at that I'm still pretty young being under thirty. When I started the first thing I noticed was the lack of respect that is afforded to this industry. Don't get me wrong, I'm very well respected among my local contractors, my residents and many other building inspectors, but there is a significant number of inspectors who completely disrespect the industry. Building inspectors who are doing the least amount of work possible ...
  3. Diversity In Code Enforcement

    Diversity In Code Enforcement
    By Jeff Remas, Advanced Code Group

    I am often amazed at the variety of answers to one, simple code question. We have a tendency to think that the world revolves around us and that every other area of the country is the same as us. I'm not saying that in a negative way, I'm just making a point about different perceptions. One thing is for sure, we certainly live in a diverse code world.

    Some of us live in areas that have severe wind issues, ...
  4. It's Not What I Want At All !

    It's Not What I Want At All !
    By Jeff Remas, Advanced Code Group

    How many times have we heard the phrase "What do you want?" after a failed inspection? In my case, too many. My response is always the same, "It's not what I want, it's what the code requires." One of my top, extremely knowledgeable inspectors is a little more vocal and responds "You wouldn't want to build to what I want so we'll stick with the minimum standards." Whether a lack of code knowledge by the contractor ...
  5. How to become an electrician or any contractor in Pennsylvania

    Quote Originally Posted by jar546 View Post
    There will be no exaggeration here, simply the truth:

    1) Wake in the morning and decide that you want to be an electrician or (Insert building trade here)? NO experience necessary whatsoever. If you watched or helped someone once, you can then always say you have experience.

    2) Go to your insurance agent's office for 9am sharp. Tell your agent that you need liability insurance as an electrical contractor. Pay the average of about $350-$400 for minimum liability coverage
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