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Advanced Code Group (ACG) has been performing plan review services for municipalities, architectural firms, third-party agencies, contractors and code officials for over 10 years with great success and response. We would be happy to assist you with your I-Code plan review needs, whether on a limited or full time basis. Plan review is performed by several experienced inspectors, certified as plan reviewers in different disciplines. We offer expedited plan review services electronically. This has been a well received process that eliminates reprinting of drawings. At the end of plan review, you have the option to accept an electronic stamp on the plans or submit the final, approved drawings for traditional stamping with return via FedEx. Why print, submit then print changes and submit again when this can be done just once?

We will always do our best to work within your budget and allotted timeframe. Feel free to contact our office at 1-877-223-4462 or email us at for further information or just to discuss your needs.

Thank you,

Jeff Remas
Advanced Code Group
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X - Ray Rooms

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  • X - Ray Rooms

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    Does anyone on here have any experience with construction
    of X-Ray Rooms?

    I have an existing, small medical clinic and they are wanting to
    install an X-Ray machine in to one of their rooms.....Two doors
    in to the room, is approx. 12-15 ft. x 12-15 ft.

    A contractor has asked me about installing lead in the walls /
    doors, etc....What about using 2 layers of 5/8" gyp. board.


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    Depends on rads, how powerfull is the xray machine.
    What is the wall construction?
    Get the Manuf instal instructions.
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      I do not currently have any info on the type & size of
      planned equipment....The contractor is telling me that
      the current wall construction is wood framed studs
      with " XXX " layers of " XXX " thickness gyp. board.

      I asked the contractor to obtain some more info
      from the medical office liaison, on the equipment.

      Not much to go on I know...

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        No shielding systems should be undertaken without consulting a qualified radiation consultant or certified radiation physicist.
        “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”― Mark Twain


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          It maybe a state or federal requirement

          Have seen it before and yes it seems to depend on the machine used

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            Had one go in recently......sheets of drywall with lead on the back. Every drywall screw was covered with a round piece of lead made for that purpose. And the door......made special with a lead insert. Then they figured out they needed more lead so as not to zap someone walking down a corridor adjacent to the x-ray room. As far as i know....
            No innocent bystander has started glowing.


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              I had a new construction that included stainless steel rebar in the slab under where the xray room was.
              They need to supply the MII's and all that other stuff.

              sorry north star, I don't know if you are a RDP working for the client or not . . . assuming not, they need to get one.


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                I have done one, but not from the code or planning side....kinda like daywalker said, lead drywall, 800# lead doors, etc...not a fun day hanging....don't know exactly where the requirements come from....but they shouldn't be that hard to find....Public health maybe? Good luck!
                Boy it's hot!.....And where are we going in this handbasket?


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                  Thanks to everyone for the reponses!......I had no idea that there was
                  as much design considerations as there are.....Very enlightening!


                  No, I am not an RDP!.....I am but a lowly bldg. inspector / plans
                  examiner asking questions. 8-)

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                    in colorado an X-ray shielding analysis is performed according to the requirements of colo. dept. of health.
                    based on workload, occupancy rates,use factors, and typical x-ray tube output performance.
                    at plan review this is a requirement i place squarely on the designer.


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                      Lead lined drywall.


                      Outlet boxes.


                      Fun project. Get all the info on the plans first as it beats killing the contractor in the field.