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Occupant load for mechanical equipment room in an assembly building

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  • Occupant load for mechanical equipment room in an assembly building

    In a new assembly building (a small airport) there is a mechanical room at the first floor. Do we calculate occupant load of this room as 9,3 m2 per person (considering it is 'General and high hazard industrial') ? In this case there will be 20 persons in a 183,5 m2 room with AHU's. Isn't it too much for a room that is not an occupiable one?

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    Make sure of the travel distance to the exits
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      So that the "math challenged" amongst us can follow along, is it possible to
      convert your numbers to square feet? Also, what codes are you using?

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        This is a building code item, getting tired of the BO coming to fire to ask this question, So I santa brought the BO a new calculator and occupant load table, so the BO can play "fiqure the occupant load"

        You think that would make millons as a game????????????

        if using the IBC, which does not appear to be the case, would go with 300 sq ft/person The flag is up!


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          i gues if you are 101, you are maybe stuck with 100 sq ft??

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            Based on the information provided the 100 s.f. room will allow a total OL of (1) person. As CDA mentions it appears that you are using 101 based on:

            (considering it is 'General and high hazard industrial')
            For you to permit an OL of 20 persons your Mechanical room would need to be 186 m2.

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              It's a mechanical room. I understand the person is not from the US and I appreciate his/her diligence, but under IBC Section 1004 (which this person has never seen or heard of) we can't solve the problem without an area value. So seek professional assistance.


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                183.5 m2 = 1975.18 sq ft

                But we do need to know for sure what code they are operating under.
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                  Dear all,
                  Thanks for the kind replies. The code is NFPA 101. I know it is different at IBC (which I have actually heard of). I wanted to make sure if I am missing anything.


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                    NFPA 101 2006 - occupant load factors.jpg

                    Batros - NFPA 101 table - 9,3M sq/pp is correct.


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                      Thanks Markmax33, I appreciate.