State of the Forum August 21 2016

It has now been over 3 full months since we moved to the new Xenforo platform after saying goodbye to the antiquated vBulletin.  It was a major move which took place right after another major move to a new server with Amazon.  Both moves were made for the improvement of the forum experience along with…
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A Necessary Evil

Our Love / Hate Relationship With Construction Codes Complaints and criticism about building codes have been around for a long time and will never go away. Many ask why we even have them, state that they are useless, increase construction costs unnecessarily and in some cases we are told that this is just a money…
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Safe Room VS Shelter

An article by FEMA “Safe room” and “shelter” are two terms that have been used interchangeably in past publications, guidance documents, and other shelter-related materials. However, with the release of the ICC-500 standard, there is a need to identify or describe shelters that meet the FEMA criteria for life-safety protection and those that meet the…
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