Sawhorse Membership Reminder with FREE Book

As you all know and have heard from me time after time after time again, this forum exists and is free because of the generosity of the Sawhorse, Corporate and Supporting Members. I would like to thank all of you that continue to support this message board / forum through your financial contributions. Without your support, this forum would simply cease to exist. I hope that everyone appreciates your efforts. In addition to the financial contributions of the above mentioned members, the participation in the discussions is also appreciated. This forum has been and continues to be a great source of information for everyone who is involved in the building code industry.

I would like to take the time to ask those that are not Sawhorses or Supporters to please consider becoming one and enjoying not just the benefits (click here: ) but, the satisfaction of knowing that you are an integral part and a reason why this great resource exists. For as little as $5 per year or $60 every 2 years (which comes with a big benefit) you will be happy that you did.

For those that agree to become a Sawhorse for a 2 year subscription of $60, we will send you a FREE copy of Code Check 7th Edition. We have sent out dozens of these books for and hope to send out dozens more. For more information on the FREE Code Check 7th Edition book itself, click here:

To sign up and really "step up to the plate" by becoming a Supporter or Sawhorse, while signed in click on "Settings" in the upper right hand corner of your screen then go to the left side and scroll down until you see "Paid Subscriptions" or just click here:

If you are a Sawhorse, then again, this is just a great big THANK YOU for being here and supporting us. (If you are already a Sawhorse, please do not contribute via the Supporter method as the software will create a problem for you. We don't want anything else from our Sawhorses except to renew!!)

If you are not a Sawhorse, please consider becoming one or a Supporter. If you have a company that can benefit by belonging here and receiving your own special forum section, please contact me about becoming a Corporate sponsor.

Thank you and I hope to see you in the special Sawhorse Community of this forum soon!


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