Safe Room VS Shelter

An article by FEMA “Safe room” and “shelter” are two terms that have been used interchangeably in past publications, guidance documents, and other shelter-related materials. However, with the release of the ICC-500 standard, there is a need to identify or describe shelters that meet the FEMA criteria for life-safety protection and those that meet the…
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Deck Safety in the Age of Outdoor Living

By Glenn Mathewson, MCP, NADRA Technical Advisor Safety. This is a subjective and relative word. It’s meaning changes over time based on the comfort level and expectations of society. Published standards in building codes represent these expectations with each new edition. The decking industry, however, has struggled with these expectations. Until the 2009 International Residential…
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Fire Protection: A Team Effort

Fire Protection: A Team Effort By Paul J. Inferrera, SET What do companies like Apple, Facebook, Starbucks and Microsoft have in common? The ability of their employees to interact as a team allowed them to operate efficiently and become successful. In the same manner, to successfully protect life and property, several players have to work…
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Building Codes and the Contractor

Building Codes and the Contractor By Ronald L. Geren, AIA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP The process of building has been around for a long time as made evident through the many ancient structures and archeological sites around the world. During those early ages, the roles of designer and constructor were rolled up into a single person: the…
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Number on camera sold on Amazon

I believe in a camera that is durable, weatherproof and with a zoom. In our newsletter I recommended a Nikon that meets those requirements. Here, I am being a bit more open minded and think that many times, when the masses speak, they are probably right. Right now the most widely sold camera on Amazon…
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Flashlight for inspections

After years of trial and error, I have finally found the only flashlight that I am willing to buy twice, actually 3 times. For me, it is worth purchasing something that is durable, dependable, extremely bright and lasts a long time. It is amazing when I see the difference between an LED such as this…
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