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Deck Codes & Lateral Loads - Live Webinar!


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Nov 1, 2012
I'm preparing an awesome Live Webinar on Mach 16th all about Deck Lateral Loads, because it's a HUGE subject that the IRC only provides a few confusing, non-required connections for. Blow away that smoke in mirrors about lateral loads and get the full story!

I will break down the story and dynamics of deck lateral live loads as well as provide some insight and ideas for how to analyze and address them. This live webinar is for everyone, designer, contractor, and code authority! It's ICC and AIA approved for education credits and is only $23 for 90-minutes. Link: BuildingCodeCollege.com/webinars

Full Enrollment members at BuildingCodeCollege.com get unlimited access to ALL Live Webinars and On-Demand Courses for a year for $299. (and there's a coupon on this site in the supporter area)

Here's a clip from the On-Demand video and the Webinar on the 16th. There's SO much more I want to share with you... but I have bills and stuff...