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Fire Service Elevator/ Fire Sprinkler Water


Sawhorse 123
Oct 19, 2009
As usual Lori has great posts.

Anyone do a Fire Service Elevator lately??

If so how was this addressed? Any pictures?

3007.3 Water protection. Water from the operation of an automatic sprinkler system outside the enclosed lobby shall be prevented from infiltrating into the hoistway enclosure in accordance with an approved method.

Section 3007 Fire Service Access Elevator

3007.1 General

Where required by Section 403.6.1, every floor above and including the lowest level of fire department vehicle access of the building shall be served by fire service access elevators complying with Sections 3007.1 through 3007.9. Except as modified in this section, fire service access elevators shall be installed in accordance with this chapter and ASME A17.1/CSA B44.

Exception: Elevators that only service an open or enclosed parking garage and the lobby of the building shall not be required to serve as fire service access elevators.