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IDF ROOM: Equipment Encroaching into Door Clear Floor Space


Registered User
Oct 15, 2020
Los Angeles
We have equipment that looks like it's encroaching into the 60" clear floor space infront of the pull side of the door in an IDF room. Can I get away with this equipment placement w/in the clear path using this section of code?:

11B-203.5 Machinery Spaces.

"Spaces frequented only by service personnel...shall not be required to comply w/these requirements. Machinery spaces include...communications equipment rooms...."

What do you guys think?? Am I in the clear? Thanks in advance!


Sawhorse 123
Oct 19, 2009

11B-203.5 Machinery Spaces

Spaces frequented only by service personnel for maintenance, repair or occasional monitoring of equipment shall not be required to comply with these requirements or to be on an accessible route. Machinery spaces include, but are not limited to, elevator pits or elevator penthouses; mechanical, electrical or communications equipment rooms; piping or equipment catwalks; water or sewage treatment pump rooms and stations; electric substations and transformer vaults; and highway and tunnel utility facilities.