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Feb 23, 2010
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Just watched a seminar about this inspection software from Inspected.com, a subsidiary of ICC.

Anyone else watch?

I was taken back by its abilities to conduct remote inspections. This is summary of my notes, not promoting. Interested to see where the future is headed.

-customer support is located in S Florida, avail all hours of typical work day throughout the country.

-currently being used by Miami Dade and Titusville. It is in other areas but speakers didn’t offer locations.

-patent pending geo tagging location that will confirm actual address and will display a sidebar map of area that can be zoomed in on.

-software will integrate with other.
Need API Keys from IT Department.
Integration is bi directional. Can push or pull / import or export depending on your software.

-can have any size file for building plans as sidebar and open for review during insp.

-can capture video and pics

-can place notes directly with pictures taken.

-date and time stamps of start and stop of inspection.

-can place custom company logo on report that is generated

-can directly email report link to applicant. Only accessed that insp report and pics w notes, nothing more.

-can alter results after insp.

-insp can be listed as pass, fail, partial pass or pass as.

-insp has ability to turn on applicants phone light for better viewing in low light conditions.

-can customize insp time slots as needed.

-as many users performing inspections as needed.

-cost is per insp range from $5-$12. More quantity of insp lesser costs.

-no annual storage or maintenance fees.

-data, 100% owned by you.

-can self store data in your own servers.

-video quality is 720P.

-currently no limit on length of video but that is likely to change in near future.