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Line and Load may be Energized Sticker

Beniah Naylor

Sep 10, 2020
Manhattan, Kansas
If this switch triggers rapid shutdown (it does), isn't it wrong to say that both sides could be energized? The code says:

(1) Outside the Array Boundary. Controlled conductors located outside the boundary or more than 1 m (3 ft) from the point of entry inside a building shall be limited to not more than 30 volts within 30 seconds of rapid shutdown initiation. Voltage shall be measured between any two conductors and between any conductor and ground.

Would you make them remove this sticker?

Annotation 2024-07-01 101530.png
Would you make them remove this sticker?
Suppose the sticker is factually inaccurate. What code section would prohibit it?

Moreover, if rapid shutdown takes the full 30 seconds that is allowed by the code section you cited, and if the line side conductors there would remain energized during that time, there would still be a shock hazard. It would be easy to throw that disconnect, open it up, and get into it within 30 seconds.

So just because the switch is the rapid shutdown initiation device doesn't necessarily mean that the sticker is factually inaccurate.

On the other hand, I doubt much thought was given before that sticker was applied. Installers may just be used to putting such a sticker on the disconnect, in case NEC 690.13(B) requires it.

Cheers, Wayne