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Multi-Family Water Valve Replacement


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Jun 9, 2021
Spring, Texas
Ok- so here is the deal

I am a writer, so I generally write too long a message. I will try not to.
It is important to note that I have a history with Mx NOT doing the best work, that is just information to consider.
Also, Mx= Maintenance

I live in an apartment complex. I live on the 2nd FL of a 3 FL building
I have a ceiling fixed a/c unit that is over the bathroom
  1. I noticed some water damage between the a/c unit and the exhaust fan
    • I requested Mx to ensure that the drain line was not clogged, and that the drainpipe was secure.
    • According to Mx they ensured that the drain line was not clogged
My bathroom sink began making gurgling sounds
I specifically requested in the choices for Mx requests- under A/C (HVAC) to ensure that the P-Trap was functioning correctly
  • Mx came and just tried to tell me the sink was not clogged, and it was draining. So, problem.
  • I reminded them that I had not at all indicated that to be the problem. I asked for them to check to see if the P-Trap was functioning properly.

  1. Sink continues to make sounds, only now it is making more of a ‘haunted gasping for air’ sound
  2. Additionally, I am beginning to be concerned regarding the sound that the pipes make, in the wall.
I am trying to be proactive and actually not just focused on my own best interest, but also the best interest of the structure of the buildings and the problems that could escalate.

  1. I again request Mx to address the sound the sink is making.
  2. I also include my concern regarding the sounds the pipes make.
(the sound might not be a big deal, but I still felt like I should let them know it might be something to look at)

As usual they are pretty much over me. You see, and actually I didn’t up until now. I have a LONG list of Work History Requests. I always thought I was being kind of a pain in the ass, but once I looked over them, I realized that there have been a multitude of issues that they did not resolve, or even take seriously.

  1. Finally, they have a Plumber come to look things over.
    When he gets ready to leave, I want to know what he looked over and thought about the situation.
  2. He told me the P-Trap was fine and there was nothing to worry about
  3. I didn’t just want to know that was ok, so I asked him:
  4. Is the condensate line ok?
  5. Are the Evaporator Coils ok?
  6. The Drip Pan??Etc.….

He assured me all of the above questions were nothing to worry about. He had checked everything, and everything was fine.

Now it is important to note that in order to check anything in the a/c unit you must first take the shower rod down because otherwise you can not actually fully open the a/c cover.

The pipe noises. Well, he was not excited by the recording I played for him, but he basically said that it would involve removing sheetrock from various locations.

He then settled on “It is probably just the building settling”

I have no idea why I didn’t do this sooner, but I look under my bathroom sink and see that the hose from the condensate line to the sink has a very noticeable kink in it.
I saw that in about 2 seconds.

How could Mx come multiple times, a plumber come and no one either notice that, fix it, or tell me it was even there?

Yesterday I received an e-mail ( group email to everyone in the complex) that the water will be shut off for repairs.
I ask what the repairs are for. I was told that they were going to have to replace some water valves in some of the buildings.

Of course, the complex was incredibly dismissive to any of my concerns, even after the plumber came.

Do you think that the complex all of a sudden is replacing water valves, is related to any of my concerns???



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Nov 2, 2009
Southern California
How does a vent line being too small result in "I noticed some water damage between the a/c unit and the exhaust fan".

I have to say, it sounds like something going on with a condensate drain tailpiece connection to the sink trap.

I wonder if the A/C unit has a condensate pump, or if it's all gravity flow. If it's a pump, I wonder if it's working, and if not, does it have an overflow shutoff switch?
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Oct 30, 2009
Eastern PA
The vent line would be related to pipe noise, not water damage.

The pinched condensate drain may not be able to pass 100% of the condensate, causing it to back up and damage the ceiling.

e hilton

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Jul 2, 2014
Even though the drain tube is kinked, it doesnt look like its fully closed off. Being in Spring, with the humidity you have there, if the condensate drain line was plugged you would know in an hour when the pan overflowed. But it would be better if it was not kinked at all.


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Jun 10, 2011
NB, Canada
Condensate line partially kinked would cause the condensate line to back-up when running under certain conditions. This would be my guess for the water damage.

As other have mentioned, incorrect plumbing venting (undersized or non-existent) or clearing a partially clogged line would be my guess for the sink issue.