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Oct 19, 2009


Oct 16, 2009
Palm Beach County Florida
Jeff, Did this ever get answered?

Doesn't seem like there is another way besides signing up with paypal...Doesn't give me the option of checking out without signing up.....Did I send you a check last time?

Other than snail mail, Venmo, Zell or through Chase Bank, I have no other option outside of the Automatic Paypal method. I have answered this multiple times and sent out 4 mass emails over the past 3 years concerning this. I am not a fan of PayPal but it works and is the only system that integrates with our software or any forum software for that matter. If anyone chooses snail mail, Venmo, Zell or Chase Bank, i would be happy to help you and will manually input you into the system. If I could get away from PayPal I would because we lose 3% right off the top.