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The Vapor Barrier Faces The

Well... I would fail it because they did a terrible job installing the insulation.

Vapour barrier needs to go on the side of the assembly with high moisture drive. In our climate (cold/dry) the vapour barrier goes on the other side (inside) of that wall. In Florida (warm/wet) vapour barrier would need to go on the outside of the wall assembly.
A vapor barrier is not required only an air barrier between the house and the garage.

AIR BARRIER. One or more materials joined together in a continuous manner to restrict or prevent the passage of air through the building thermal envelope and its assemblies.


The IRC requires R-13 not R-11 so it is a fail.
Is that a 4' segment of shear wall between the HDs? Or does the braced wall extend to the left and right of the HDS?

IMG_3086 2.JPG

Some jurisdictions require the insulation to be cut out around the outlet boxes.

IMG_3086 3.JPG
Florida is in climate zone 1 and 2.

R702.7Vapor retarders.​



Vapor retarder materials shall be classified in accordance with Table R702.7(1). A vapor retarder shall be provided on the interior side of frame walls of the class indicated in Table R702.7(2), including compliance with Table R702.7(3) or R702.7(4) where applicable. An approved design using accepted engineering practice for hygrothermal analysis shall be permitted as an alternative. The climate zone shall be determined in accordance with Section N1101.7.
  1. 1.Basement walls.
  2. 2.Below-grade portion of any wall.
  3. 3.Construction where accumulation, condensation or freezing of moisture will not damage the materials.
  4. 4.A vapor retarder shall not be required in Climate Zones 1, 2 and 3.