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UL design number of a demising wall adjoining a shower


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May 20, 2023
What's the UL listing of a demising wall that shall have a two-hour fire rating but also adjoins a shower?
Is there a specific UL listing for this type of wall (Cement board+tiling), instead of the two layers of MR boards?
Build and apply covering per the UL listed wall, then install the shower. I have not seen a 2 hour listed premade shower or tub
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I found this in the UL Directory Product IQ. I think this option could work for City's approval.
Link and attachment below in case you need it in the future.
Thanks for the advice.



  • BXUV.U443 - Fire-resistance Ratings - ANSI_UL 263 _ UL Product iQ.pdf
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Please see below
1-Non-bearing wall
2-No specific STC rating required
3-It's located between two apartments
4-The shower stall is on one side only
The only unknown is where the cement board joins the drywall. The joint compound needs to be compatible with both. Perhaps a 1/4” gap filled with intumescent caulk is a good idea.
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