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sliding door

  1. J

    Type A & B Sliding Door Thresholds?

    Hello All - first post, so please forgive me. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate forum in which to post. I am working on a multifamily project located in a small town in North Texas, 65 units total, with a third of them being located on the first floor (no elevators). This is one...
  2. U

    IBC 2018 Horizontal Sliding Doors 1010.1.4.3

    I have a question regarding 2 sections of this code, related to horizontal sliding doors. This one is pretty straightforward: The force required to operate the door shall not exceed 30 pounds (133 N) to set the door in motion and 15 pounds (67 N) to close the door or open it to the minimum...
  3. L

    Need input on IBC 2018 1010.1.4.3 and locks as per 1010.1.9.4

    We have a grocery store as a client who has sliding front doors at the entrance. Typical operations is to unlock the doors with a key or a thumb turn which is located on the inside. Section 1010.1.4.3 allows for these doors in all types of applications but we typically see them on grocery...