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2022 California Building Code, 45-Day Public Comment Period

mark handler

Oct 25, 2009
So. CA
Notice of 45-Day Public Comment Period
July 2, 2021 – August 16, 2021
The California Building Standards Commission, on behalf of the California Energy Commission, is providing notice of a 45-day public comment period for proposed regulatory code changes to the 2022 California Building Code, Part 2; 2022 California Residential Code, Part 2.5; 2022 California Electrical Code, Part 3; 2022 California Mechanical Code, Part 4; 2022 California Plumbing Code, Part 5; and 2022 California Green Building Standards Code, Part 11, Title 24, California Code of Regulations.
The public is invited to provide input or comments on proposed code changes on or prior to August 16, 2021.
Building Commission