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8 mm diameter of steel anchor equivalent to 40 mm by 4.76 mm thick steel strap?


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Apr 21, 2022
This is from Ontario building code part 9:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anchorage of Floor or Roof Assemblies
(1) Where required to receive lateral support, masonry walls shall be anchored to each floor or roof assembly at
maximum intervals of 2 m, except that anchorage of floor joists not more than 1 m above grade may be omitted.
(2) Anchors required in Sentence (1) shall be corrosion-resistant and be not less than the equivalent of 40 mm by
4.76 mm thick steel straps.

(3) Anchors required in Sentence (1) shall be shaped to provide a mechanical key with the masonry and shall be
securely fastened to the horizontal support to develop the full strength of the anchor.


1. Would a 8 mm diameter of steel anchor be equivalent to 40 mm by 4.76 mm thick steel strap, and comply with
2. Are conventional anchor bolts for sill plates qualified as anchors required by

Mark K

Platinum Member
May 12, 2010
Would depend on the strength of the steel used.

But what may be more important is the capacity of the anchor in the concrete., how the anchor is connected to the strap and the number off fasteners connecting the strap to the structure. Until these questions are resolved we do not know the systm capacity.