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Access Control/Card Readers - Code Requirements


Jun 20, 2011
I understand that by code, doors with magnetic locks/strikes need to have a release mechanism wired in such that in the event of a fire alarm or loss of power the lock mechanism is released.

Is there a code requirement that on the card reader side of the door that allows access to an interior secure space that a pull station is to be provided that will release the lock in the event of an emergency situation when the door to a room needs opened and the card reader malfunctions?
I don't know of a requirement for a pull station on the access side, but there are others in this group who will likely know more about fire alarm pull station requirements. I just wanted to chime in with a little more info on the locks...there are many electrified locks and electric strikes that allow free egress at all times, and those are not considered special locking arrangements. Electromagnetic locks ARE special locking arrangements and there are two sections of the model codes that include the requirements for the two typical applications that involve mag-locks.

There is more info here:

- Lori