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BCBC2018 - climbability of guards


Silver Member
Sep 10, 2010
PA/NJ - Borderlands
Not an issue, most don't fully grasp the reasons correctly for the guard section, as inspector's and plan reviewers, you have to know just enough about the whole book to find what you need to get the job done.

As one who specializes in Chapter 10 & 11, and ANSI A117.1 & 2010 ADA for projects, and after spending 6 years and getting the research done for the ICC's CTC's Study of Climbable Guards from 2004-2010, I tend to point out the things that lean more opinion than actual code language, when it comes to guards and handrails. I was even asked by industry representatives back in 2007, or 06 or 08, been some time now, to attended one of the meetings in Canada that were looking at guard climb ability up North of the boarder, in Toronto. That was an interesting process to experience.