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Carriage house vs. garage footprint


Gold Member
Nov 2, 2009
Southern California
the CBC 202 definition of "carraige house" is:
CARRIAGE UNIT. [HCD 1-AC] A dwelling unit with living space on one or more floors immediately above a Group U, private garage or garages. The footprint of the garage or
garages is used as the footprint for the remaining floor or floors of the units above
and the garage level contains no habitable space.

1. If I have a 24'x24' garage below, and a 24'x28' carriage house above (house cantilevers 4' beyond the garage door ), is it still meeting the definition of "Carriage unit"?
2. Must the stairs to the unit above be exterior-only? Or can it be part of a downstairs hallway, since hallways are not considered "habitable space"?

mark handler

Oct 25, 2009
So. CA
1) Previous post
2) I would accept it if it were part of the same unit and not a "common" hallway.