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Citation of Code sections


Sawhorse 123
Oct 19, 2009
LOOKS like this refers more to if a ticket is issued???????

(65 ILCS 5/11-31.1-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-31.1-4)

Sec. 11-31.1-4. Instituting code hearing proceedings. When

a building inspector finds a code violation while inspecting a

structure, he shall note the violation on a multiple copy

violation notice and report form, indicating the name and

address of the structure owner, a citation to the specific code

provision or provisions alleged to have been violated, a

description of the circumstances present that constitute the

alleged violation the type and nature of the violation, the

date and time the violation was observed, the names of

witnesses to the violation, and the address of the structure

where the violation is observed.

The violation report form shall be forwarded by the

building inspector to the Code Hearing Department where a

Docket number shall be stamped on all copies of the report, and

a hearing date noted in the blank spaces provided for that

purpose on the form. The hearing date shall not be less than 30

nor more than 40 days after the violation is reported by the

building inspector.

One copy of the violation report form shall be maintained

in the files of the Code Hearing Department and shall be part

of the record of hearing, one copy of the report form shall be

returned to the building inspector so that he may prepare

evidence of the code violation for presentation at the hearing

on the date indicated, and one copy of the report form shall be

served by first class mail on the owner of the structure, along

with a summons commanding the owner to appear at the hearing.

If the municipality in which the structure is situated has an

ordinance requiring property owners to register with the

municipality, service may be made on the owner by mailing the

report and summons to the owner's address registered with the

municipality. If the name of the owner of the structure cannot

be ascertained or if service on the owner cannot be made by

mail, service may be made on the owner by posting or nailing a

copy of the violation report form on the front door of the

structure where the violation is found, not less than 20 days

before the hearing is scheduled.

(Source: P.A. 86-1039.)

High Desert

Gold Member
Oct 20, 2009
Here's what we have.


Citation Requirement Effective January 1, 2006

In addition to any other requirements set forth in statute and rule, beginning January 1, 2006, all inspectors and plans examiners certified under Division 098, OAR 918-225-0540, 918-281-0020 918-695-0400, and ORS 460.055 issuing corrective notices at construction sites or to buildings or related appurtenances during a plan review must adequately cite the applicable specialty code sections, Oregon administrative rules, or statutes whenever a re-inspection is required as a result of the inspection or plan review.


Registered User
Oct 19, 2009
Lincolnshire, IL.
cda said:
LOOKS like this refers more to if a ticket is issued???????
That's how I'm interpreting it too. I will be checking with our attorney, But citing Code sections for every deficiency is not very time efficient.

I am always willing to provide Code sections to owners/contractors once I return to the office if requested.