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Interpretation thought

Inspector Gadget

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Mar 5, 2020
New Brunswick
Posting in the general forum rather than the Canadian one, since I think it's applicable universally.

So I have a proposal for a mixed-use structure. It has one barrier-free apartment, which under our codes requires a barrier-free parking spot.
Our codes read that IF there is parking on-site, that at least one barrier-free parking spot be created for the stores.

The client has designated two spots in the (presumably secured, given the garage door) parking garage. Clearly, the tenant of the barrier-free parking spot will have access to the garage, but what about the *customers* of the stores?

There are 15 other parking spots outside the parking garage: I have requested the addition of one barrier-free spot to serve the stores, under the presumption that the *customers* of the stores require barrier-free parking, which is not accessible in the locked, underground parking space.
I agree with you requiring the additional accessible parking stall.

In the portion of the world using the IBC, this is covered by IBC Sec. 1106.2, wherein it is specified that accessible parking is calculated for each parking facility. In this case, the secured garages and the open general use parking are separate facilities.

2021 IBC 1106.2 Required

Where parking is provided, accessible parking spaces shall be provided in compliance with Table 1106.2, except as required by Sections 1106.3 through 1106.5. Where more than one parking facility is provided on a site, the number of parking spaces required to be accessible shall be calculated separately for each parking facility.
Exception: This section does not apply to parking spaces used exclusively for buses, trucks, other delivery vehicles, law enforcement vehicles or vehicular impound and motor pools where lots accessed by the public are provided with an accessible passenger loading zone.