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IRC Ch 3 video education


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Nov 1, 2012
For a few years I have been developing In-Person and Live Webinar education for IRC Chapter 3. I'm excited to announce I have completed the first of a series of On-Demand Courses that will provide video education for every single section to sub, sub, sub, etc section of IRC Chapter 3. This chapter contains the most mandatory provisions for American homes and touches the most people, from DIY to professional Architect. It's so important for everyone in construction to learn!

IRC Chapter 3, Means of Egress, provides an in depth presentation of the intent and purpose of Sections 310 and 311 in 12 separate sessions and a pool of 80 practice questions. It is ICC and AIA approved for 3 hours of continuing education. $45 for 4 months of access. The best deal is Full Enrollment, which is a year of access to ALL On-Demand Courses and Live Webinars, including ones not even released or scheduled. All for "A Dollar a Day" $365

You can watch the first session video of each On-Demand Course by simply clicking the thumbnail on the course catalog, but I'll make it even easier for you for Means of Egress. I put is on YouTube and linked it below. I hope you enjoy and I hope you consider supporting independent, self-employed educators genuinely trying to teach, make a living, and change the world. Thanks.