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Sep 3, 2011
The "old school" way of review that I used when I began my career was to go page by page on two sets of paper plans, marking one for my use and the other for field use. My copy could be full of extra notes and marks, but theirs had to be clean. Then, I wrote a plan review letter re-stating the same comments I had just marked on the plans. Of course BB changed all that, but some still want the letter. I typically use the pdf summary, and I now tailor the markup language to read more like a letter. But that isn't good enough for some folks who can't stand to learn or accept anything new. So it is frustrating to me that there is no option (that I can find) to export just the text of the markups to a word document. It seems crazy that it is not there, but I have not been able to figure it out. Instead, I export to excel, then copy and paste from excel to word. This seems to be more tedious than it needs to be. Anybody figure out a better way?