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wall framing

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    Foam board vs osb

    Builders are substituting insulating foam board for osb. I have them providing CS-WSP at the corners and then CS-PF at garages. However, they are not using a nailing pattern that seems sufficient. Plus studs are on 24" centers. Without any other bracing, is this up to code? Since it is not...
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    Overbored 2x4s in load bearing wall (balloon framed)

    We have a 1920's balloon framed cape home. We opened a bathroom wall and noticed that six consecutive studs were bored approx. 75% of the way through; this is in an exterior load bearing wall on the first floor of the house. This was done at least 50 years ago and there's no bowing or...
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    Check my DYI wall framing

    My first DYI project that I’ll need to get a permit for. I’m enclosing my porch by replacing a screen with a new 22’ wall. The porch is already enclosed on three sides. My assumption is that the opening is not load bearing since, well, there is just a screen there now. My wall framing plan is...