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2021 closer than you think


Sawhorse 123
Oct 19, 2009
So those of you that will adopt 2021:

A sneak preview of IBC, IFC, IRC:

ONE thing about NFPA 13R::::

So may limit an architect to 3 floors???

903.3.1.2 Scope of Use for NFPA 13R Sprinkler Systems Introduction to the 2021 IBC, IRC and IFC51

•Scoping for the permitted use of an NFPA 13R sprinkler system in Group R occupancies has been modified such that the following three conditions must be met by the Group R to allow for use of 13R system:

•Located no more than 4 stories above grade plane, and

•Floor level of highest story no more than 30 feet above lowest level (or lowest story below highest level) of fire department vehicle access. (previously 60 feet above grade plane)

•In addition, the story limit of four is to be measured from grade plane in podium buildings (Sec. 510.2 and 510.4) rather than from the horizontal assembly separating the two buildings.

Paul Sweet

Oct 17, 2009
Richmond, VA
Thanks for posting this. Virginia didn't adopt the 2015 code until 2018, and still hasn't gotten around to adopting the 2018 code, so I guess it will be a few years before I have to worry about these changes.