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California - Hotel - glass shower door size, egress, swing requirements


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Nov 11, 2021
For a non ADA unit, will a glass shower compartment door need to meet the CBC Ch.10 egress requirements with a 32" minimum width?
The CA plumbing code appears to permit 22" min. width, but in a commercial setting I'd assume the 32" min. width will prevail.

Also are there any code sections preventing an inward swing of the shower door?

Thank you!
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International Building Code, (Plumbing section - P208.1) the shower door must swing out.

That use to be in the CA Code, but it appears to be removed in later versions of the codes. check with your local building department.

The reasoning is if a person collapses in front of the door, rescuers cannot get to the person without breaking the glass. Breaking the glass could further injure the person in the Shower.
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CA Building Code 1010.1.1 Size of Doors
10. The minimum clear opening width shall not apply to doors for nonadaptable or nonaccessible shower or sauna compartments, as specified in Chapter 11A.