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Church Door

Rev. Wayne

Registered User
Dec 8, 2019
Wildwood Florida
We have enclosed the front porch on our Church building and are ready to install a door. The arched door opening is 8' high by 6' wide. The door will be two 3'x8' arched panels made of Cyprus.
There is a set of steps leading up to the door from the sidewalk. The top landing is 6' wide by 3' deep.
We want to have the door swing in but I was told it may have to swing out. The occupancy limit of the building is less than 50 people.
Can we install the door swinging inward?
You can see the door opening and steps from the Church web page at https://villagesanglican.church/
Hi Rev. Wayne -

The door will need to swing out if it is serving a calculated occupant load of 50 people or more. How did you calculate the occupant load to come up with the number less than 50?

- Lori
There are pew chairs. 22W x 27D. The existing front entry door is inswing and was approved six years ago when we did the initial renovation.
Do you have a picture of the old door? Why are you installing a new one?

Fyi … might be spiel cheque … the wood is cypress.
As long as the AHJ calculates the occupant load the same way you did, and it's less than 50 people, I don't know of a reason that the doors have to swing out.
I'd agree with that summation coming from a real Greene..go from Mexico!
Hola Lori!