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Code Development Outreach in FHB

Discussion in 'Code Development Discussion' started by Glenn, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Corporate Supporter
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    Nov 1, 2012
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    Some of my most proud work is my "Know the Code" column in Fine Homebuilding Magazine, where I bring nerdy code-talk to their wide and diverse readership. I believe that buy-in from the public is the most effective way to reach code compliance in a community. Education and outreach is a big focus of mine. I like to use the code to help others step up, rather than to beat them over the head. (with a few exceptions of some folks I've met, ha, ha!)

    In the most recent issue, I report on some highlights from the 2021 IRC code modification hearings. Development of the International Code Council family of I-codes does not happen behind closed doors by some secret society. The process is open to all and all are welcome. The best minimum standards of construction can only be discovered through input from all professionals working in all facets of the construction industry. Please enjoy my article, be informed, be encouraged, and take part in the process. I welcome discussion. Remember... if no public comment is received by the July 24th deadline, the opinion of the committee will likely be the final result. Silence is equivalent to support. Thank you.


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