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Code Education Economics


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Nov 1, 2012
I would like to prompt discussion about the economics of code education (not talking about product education). With live education cancelled everywhere, the internet is the primary other option. The virtual education market was already interesting and varied, but is even more so now and into the future. I'm trying not to just bark my thoughts, as I would really like to hear yours. It is my hope this discussion will be beneficial to many, as education options have been stirred up recently and many people are new to the online dynamics.

  • Free education. (Hmmm... what's the catch? Why is it important to the instructor that I attend?)
  • Seeking CEUs (I don't want to learn, I just need CEUs and want them as cheap and easy as possible. Sadly this is a percentage.)
  • Soft marketing. (I learned a lot about ______ and I think ______ makes a great solution for it. Not sure where I heard of that product... it just came to mind.)
  • Professional instructional design independent from the instructor ("I'm not sure what this slide is for, but I'll read the bullet points to you.")
  • Fee-based education directly developed by the instructor ("weird? There were a lot more people at my free promo webinar last week.")
  • Ad revenue. (I think I can fit another pop up, click-bait, google ad in this small bit of white space on the webpage. I'll make the instructional space a little smaller...)

I wrote the above parenthesis "tongue in cheek", so I mean no offense to anyone. There are many options out there for instructor, student, and host and none are universally right or wrong. None of us learn the same or have the same economic strength. However, I think there is respectful discussion to be had.


Feb 23, 2010
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
I’m not certain which way this discussion is going, so I’ll throw this out there. As you stated you will have one person in every category but ultimately your time is not free. “Know Your Worth” If I was putting together a platform and “categories” for online consumption I would undertake them something as such.

Free Education, use a platform that provides exposure and possibly pays you such as YouTube or others! Provide link w each video to your website at beginning & end of videos.

Seeking CEU’s, Offer this on a VERY limited basis directly on your website while promoting it from the Free Ed platform(s).

Soft Marketing, can have its benefits, possibly combine more then one product that is new to the industry.Market same as CEU’s however if possible attempt to obtain product support from the manufacture, even if it’s just a sample of the product. Also seek a special discount promo that may pay you after so many sales of that product.

Professional Instruction, avoid.This is too closely related to free CEU’s.

Fee Based Education, this would be on your actual website.

Ad Revenue, if it pays and it can be related so beit. Just keep ads as short as our attention spans!


Sep 11, 2013
As a classroom professor I have been drug kicking and screaming into webinars & powerpoints. Transfer of "useable" info is the key by those with experience and the ability to "communicate" the info to a variety of attendees. Ones communication skills are critical to the acceptance/retention of the info. Not all instructors have this critical ability.

Consider if you will a classroom of oldtimers who haven't been to school in over 40 years but have that much field experience, keeping up with new technology is a constant time consuming requirement. Here time is the key; where does it come from and who pays for it? Workday, evening, weekends? It is a necessary investment but by who? Employer, yourself?


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Jul 31, 2020
There are online trainings now for different fields now.
There are online trainings now for different fields now. I mean you can find indian guys on youtube that explain economics much better than the teachers in classes. I thought that I have attention problems, but it turned out that some of the teachers were just not good at sharing the knowledge. I did some online training on spotoclub.com and those guys did a much better job than my teacher. They explained everything much better and I finally understood everything.