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Condensate piping follow CH. 7 IPC?


Nov 25, 2009
West of the river CT
So..... The IMC talks about pitch and pipe type and size, and it mentions IPC Ch. 7 for joints and connections and material type...

material and shall not be smaller than the drain
connection on the appliance. Such piping shall maintain a
minimum horizontal slope in the direction of discharge of
not less than one-eighth unit vertical in 12 units horizontal
(1-percent slope).

307.2.2 Drain pipe materials and sizes. Components of
the condensate disposal system shall be ABS, cast iron,
copper and copper alloy, CPVC, cross-linked polyethylene,
galvanized steel, PE-RT, polyethylene,
polypropylene, PVC or PVDF pipe or tubing. Components
shall be selected for the pressure and temperature
rating of the installation. Joints and connections shall be
made in accordance with the applicable provisions of
Chapter 7 of the International Plumbing Code relative to
the material type.
Condensate waste and drain line size
shall be not less than 3/4-inch pipe size and shall not
decrease in size from the drain pan connection to the
place of condensate disposal.

But do they have to follow fitting patterns/ types? I.E. can they use sanitary tees on their backs to accept liquid waste?
Based on "relative to the material type" I would say the intent is to prevent hodge-podge mixing of materials in the drain line and to make sure the joints are done properly. The piping has to be done right for whatever material you use. No shoving a PEX pipe into a PVC pipe and gluing or caulking the crap out of it and calling it good.