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Do they make breaker locks for this panel?


Oct 16, 2009
Palm Beach County Florida
This is a newer style panel and breaker by Leviton. Has anyone ever seen a breaker lock on a panel like this that is capable of being locked in the open/off position?

Also, this is a sub-panel. Can you tell if the setup for the neutral and grounds are correct and that there is no continuity between them? Hmmmmmmmm


Jun 23, 2011
California concrete jungle
cda answered the question regarding the lock.

I called Levitron tech support regarding the isolated neutral. I was told that all Levitron sub panels leave the factory with an isolated neutral.

In the past I have encountered panels that were old or new where I was not convinced that the neutral was isolated. I asked for a continuity test.

The next question that I asked has to do with the label banning AFCI or GFCI with shared neutrals. Levitron tech support stated that Levitron will introduce AFCI and GFCI breakers that will accomodate shared neutrals. As to when.....all I got was soon. Until soon happens these panels are a nonstarter in many applications.

The conductors don't attach to the breaker which may be confusing for some....that would be people like me. The breakers can talk to your phone, along with your toaster, refrigerator and yes I couldn't believe what I was seeing, rat traps......Home Depot has these: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Victor-Smart-Kill-Wifi-Electronic-Rat-Trap-M2/303204355...... it sends "kill alerts" That's gotta be a guy thing ...Kill Alerts... Imagine getting a kill alert during dinner....I know that's when it would happen...."Pass the butter please...Wow I just killed a rat"....or maybe a squirrel cause I put the trap outside.

The ad says this: "Place anywhere indoors: basement, attics and hard to reach places"....hard to reach places is the shelf at Home Depot. That's where I keep the one I didn't spend $75 on so that I could have had my wife wondering what's wrong with me.
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