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Electrical Inspectors Needed in New York


Chief Cook & Bottlewasher
Oct 16, 2009
Palm Beach County Florida
Qualified Electrical Inspectors Needed in State of New York

The State of New York is in need of qualified electrical inspectors to assist in confirming that it is safe to re-energize buildings that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

They are requesting that electrical inspectors with a minimum of five years experience who are interested in helping should respond with their contact information to “New York Disaster Response” at the following email address: iaei@iaei.org

This response should include:




Brief outline of experience*

*IAEI inspector certification at the residential level is preferred, at a minimum.

Anyone available to assist will be contacted directly by a local jurisdiction within the State of New York and those jurisdictions will enter into agreements with the inspectors regarding compensation and expenses.

Here is current code information for the area:

Adopted Code:


National Electrical Code

. As of December 2010, New York State has adopted the 2008 NEC for both residential and non-residential construction.

Adoption type:

State-wide. All local jurisdictions, with the exception of New York City, are required to adopt and enforce the code. New York City has its own code.

Volunteers do not represent IAEI, and IAEI does not represent any jurisdiction or entity that is requesting assistance. IAEI does not investigate or assess the qualification, skills, capabilities or background of volunteers, and has no control over the volunteer’s information once it has been provided to state and local governments. In addition, all matters relating to a volunteer’s service—including the nature of the help needed, the time frame, expenses, housing, meals, insurance, salary reimbursement, and liability for injuries or damage to or by the volunteer—must be arranged between the volunteer and the jurisdiction requesting help.