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Handhold foothold barrier question

Discussion in 'Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs' started by windowguy, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. windowguy

    windowguy Registered User

    Sep 22, 2018
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    Hi, i'm new.. just discovered this forum.. I'm a DIY-er and think this site is great..

    I'm pondering my barrier situation for an inground pool project. My yard is complicated its not as simple as installing a 48 inch around the perimeter of the property. My yard slopes dramatically higher as you head toward rear of property. It goes flat grass, then 36 inch retaining wall, then slopes 45 degrees up to about 12 feet high to neighbors back yard. my pool will be dug alongside the retaining wall (the wall will be used as a feature, waterfall, lighting, etc). I will be attaching a 48 inch compliant fence on the top of the retaining wall to meet barrier for the rear. one side has a compliant vinyl fence. the other side I am struggling with will be a 48 inch fence that will run perpendicular and meet the retaining wall. so picture it will be 48 inch fence that runs to 36 inch wall, then on top of the wall is the 48 inch rear fence. Now easily that is a fail because someone could walk along the 36inch retaining wall and then just "swing over" the fence on the ground. So I solve that by EXTENDING the fence on top of the wall well past the intersection of the two fences. so you cannot walk on top of the wall to get to ground fence intersection. so I have the HEIGHT problem solved.

    My issue would be the interpretation of the foothold. if a child is on the ground and goes to the intersection of 48 inch ground fence and the retaining wall (36 inches). I am unclear of the foothold rule here. obviously 36 inches is below 45 inches but its SOLID CONCRETE the entire face under the 36 inches. there really is no "foothold" for him to use for leverage to try to get over the 48 inch fence on the grass. So there is no ladder effect. I know the code says sold brick walls are a barrier. Mine would be sort of like solid brick then a 36 inch "ledge", and then a fence on top of that.

    Is the first "ladder" step of 36 inches high a violation? The code says there needs to be a minimum of 45 inches between horizontal spacing.. i'll have no horizontal spacing.. its sold brick below the 36 inch (ledge). The first foothold would be 36 inches up from the ground and no place to put your foot under that. its literally a 36 inch first step up. that's pretty high. Yes, I know that 36 is less than 45 but there is no place for a child to put their foot into anything to help step its solid underneath the 36. One could say the 45 inch space is for children who have a place for their foot to get under. thanks for your consideration
  2. fatboy

    fatboy Administrator

    Oct 17, 2009
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    Welcome........it appears you are a NY'er..........I am not familiar with your codes there, but I would be talking to the local jurisdiction.......Good luck!
  3. Ty J.

    Ty J. Sawhorse

    Aug 2, 2017
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    Perhaps a picture?
  4. JCraver

    JCraver Sawhorse

    Feb 20, 2014
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    That's quite a description, and a picture would help, but I think I get what you're asking. IF the bottom of the fence that sits on the 36" wall sits right down on top of the wall (no gap for toes/fingers to fit in), and you don't create an exterior ledge at that transition point, then I think you'd be ok. I'd probably pass it.

    On the barrier intersection/height change, you'll have to extend the "high" side at least 36" past the intersection to be compliant.

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