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Jun 23, 2011
California concrete jungle
I know what opinions are like so take this with a grain of salt.

A code enforcement officer should never judge work they are seeing on anything other than code. It goes both ways, writing a correction or ignoring something based on opinion or preference. Inspectors tend to get a bad reputation and I think it jades some people on both sides of the counter. Inspectors tend to look closely at things they know about, and ignore or scoff at things they don't agree with (or don't understand). If an inspector was a plumber they will pick away at those trades but miss or ignore electrical issues and vise-versa. Ignoring things will probably never manifest issues, but it only takes one incident. Many inspectors ignore the anti-siphon hose bibs and it's probably never going to be an issue, but it only takes one hose in the wrong bucket to contaminate a water supply if the pressure drops suddenly. One in a million, or billion? Sure, but do you want your name on it if it does happen? It's like a winning the lottery or a lightning strike, chances are low, but not zero.

Everybody has to make their own choice and I only share this to encourage other inspectors to try to be less biased in their enforcement, or lack thereof.
I’ve yet to meet the righteous inspector or as I like to call him, “anti-tiger”


Nov 28, 2009
Poconos/eastern PA
I see the traps missing for LP gas all the time. LP gas is exempted from the codes in PA. LP gas installers are only required to watch a 20 min. film of how to do a pressure test and then they get a certification. They don't need to know anything about plumbing or codes and there is no enforcement of the work being done by a certified person.