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inspecting ain't easy


Sawhorse 123
Oct 19, 2009
EAGLEVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Multiple homes went up in flames in Eagleville, Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon after authorities say a code enforcement officer encountered a homeowner who was allegedly armed with a weapon.

It happened during what police are calling a "follow up inspection" just before 1 p.m. near a home on the 4000 block of Cardin Place.

After the homeowner displayed a firearm, additional officers responded and engaged with the man before he retreated back into the home, according to Lower Providence Township Police Chief Mike Jackson.

Jackson did not provide details of any possible code violations or the reason for the inspection.

Soon after, there were a series of explosions. Jackson said three homes caught on fire, and an active firefight was still underway as of 3 p.m.

A search for the homeowner is still ongoing.

"As of right now, we are trying to locate the individual who may or may not be inside the residence," said Jackson.

Views from Chopper 6 showed plumes of smoke billowing into the sky after the reported explosion.

One person sustained minor injuries.

The incident forced nearby residents to shelter in place but that order has since been lifted.

Police have not identified the man that is being sought by police and it is unclear whether he is still inside the home.