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Mar 5, 2020
New Brunswick
Co-worker found this.
Canadian codes only permit one set of winders on a flight, turning 90 degrees at max.


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Vertical service space. Builder thought he could, you know, just end the fire-rated drywall at the T-bar ceiling rather than going all the way to the underside of the concrete floor deck.


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I cannot speak to the process in other jurisdictions on to what the code requires. Here is the code verse that requires X, if you can provide me with an code verse that allows the installation as you say provide it to me for review.
One of my favorite conversations was dealing with a smaller time builder and he didn't understand what I meant when I was talking about winders.

Me: Hi Rob, you can only have a single 90 degree turn with winders. You have a double set turning 180 degrees.
Rob: Well, the designer said that these plans were already accepted by another jurisdiction, so why is it OK for them, but not for you.
Me: I'm not sure Rob, but I can give you the code section if you want.
Rob: No, that's fine. If you are saying it's in the code, it must be in there. By the way, what is a winder?
Me: You know how the steps turn as they go down in your house right now? That is a winder. The designer put a second set in the design here though, so if someone were to fall at the stop step, you are falling like 3'.
Rob: Oh, that's what a winder is. I hate them. I will talk to the designer and get them to redesign the stairs to remove all the winders. I don't want them in my houses at all.