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Man charged with harassing zoning officer


Feb 23, 2010
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Lower Saucon Township police have charged a township man with harassing the township zoning officer.

Police said William Broad Jr., of the 4300 block of Lower Saucon Road, left a threatening, profanity-laced message Wednesday for Zoning Officer Chris Garges. Police did not say what sparked the message, but authorities said Broad has done this before.

Broad, 50, has been mailed a harassment citation, police said. An officer was not immediately available to comment or explain the situation.

Broad was previously cited for violating township zoning ordinances and disorderly conduct last November after a fire on his property spread to a wood pile and a neighboring fence. Broad allegedly swore at neighbors and firefighters who tried to extinguish the blaze and ordered them off his property.


Jun 23, 2011
Ca. concrete jungle
Years ago an idiot left a threatening voice mail with the planning director. The dummy said that I was a marked man and he had friends that would hurt me.

I blew it off as a hothead that I had not even met. The planning director felt differently and the guy went to jail. It was a Friday so the guy had to wait until Monday to O/R. Poor goofball was a tenured teacher. I didn't follow the case so I don't know the outcome but I'm guessing it wasn't good.