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Oct 22, 2009
California East Bay Area
Communist California has already mandated that our utilities get 33% of their power from fu¢king Green sources, they now have a so-called non-profit corporation that allows rate payers to opt for 50% Green, 100% Green, or to opt-out and stay with their utility at 33% Green. According to the propaganda I read they claim the cheapest alternative is to stay with the 50% that we are going to automatically get unless we opt-out to remain with PG&E, so called Deep Greenies can also opt out to pay more for 100% Green. I just opted-out to remain with PG&E, during the process I was asked why I chose to opt-out and given 5 alternatives to check, the one I selected was "Dislike government power", another one I tried to check but they would only allow one choice was "Dislike automatic enrollment",


A major problem has already arisen with a worldwide cobalt shortage needed for the batteries from everything from my hearing aids to Musk's electric trucks to the power storage to make solar and wind power actually work, [URL='http://www.indmin.com/Article/3586106/The-role-of-cobalt-in-battery-supply.html']Africa is the major source of cobalt[/url] , but Chinese scientists believe we are headed into a little ice age and plan to farm the Sahara Desert to feed their people, acid rain from our cobalt mines in Africa will kill China's crops in the Sahara and we have all the ingredients for war.