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Membrane Penetration

Francis Vineyard

Registered User
Jan 1, 2010
Charlottesville, VA
The following code section is posted on the VBCOA members section as well for the consideration of the 2012 USBC that will be mandatory July 14, 2015;

2012 714.4.1.2 exception 7 requires the ceiling sheathing to be continuous over all top plates unless the wall is constructed as a load bearing fire-resistance wall of at least the same rating of the horizontal assembly.

2015 714.4.2 modified this exception and allows the wall to penetrate the ceiling membrane with a double top plate having the wall sheathed with 5/8" Type X. This wall is not required to be a fire-resistance rated except where required by other sections of the code as usual; according to the Significant Changes to the 2015 IBC.