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New Course! PMGE Fundamentals

Discussion in 'Code Training *Sponsor: BuildingCodeCollege.com' started by Glenn, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Corporate Supporter
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    Nov 1, 2012
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    I've just released a new course at www.buildingcodecollege.com This makes 36 hours of ICC-approved education available under Full Enrollment. $250 for a year of access to all courses in the catalog, including those released during your membership. For current members, you just gained 5 more hours of value at no additional cost. What other education provider does that? No ads. No soft product marketing. No bias. Just straight code education.

    PMGE Fundamentals

    Description: This class is helpful for everyone in the construction industry, as it explores the reasoning and science behind many plumbing, mechanical, fuel-gas, and electrical code provisions. Whether a contractor or inspector, cross training in these specialized trades offers a better understanding of the work performed and how they “work”.

    Length: 5 hours.

    Objectives: Upon completion of this course, attendees will…
    ...Realize the old saying “$hit runs downhill” is completely false.
    ...Understand how natural draft venting works.
    ...Trust that there are sensible reasons for many seemingly arbitrary code provisions.

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