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Occupant density


Sep 3, 2011
In IMC t403.3.1.1 (2018) warehouse is listed with a 10cfm people outdoor air rate, yet no occupant density is provided. Why? How can the O/A be calculated if there is no occupant density?
Yes, but the two load factors are never equitable. IBC is for MOE, IMC is for ventilation. Just curious as to why the IMC tells us how many CFM per person, but doesn't give us the info needed to determine how many people. Every other occupancy in the table that has a people rate also has a density. Equation 4-1 requires we have a zone population derived from the occupant density, not an occupant load from the IBC. Just makes me curious.
MOE, means how many bodies could be in that space, hence density. Different code, still the same result. What else could you use? Me thinks the designer would fall back to table 1004.5.

That's where I would go, JMHO.
Obtain anticipated employee load from owner?

Does the commentary say anything?
Nothing that would explain why no density is given for just that particular use. I'm just curious as to why a rate per person is given but no method for determining the number of persons, as is given for all other uses where a per person rate is given. If the people contribution is so negligible that it need not be considered, then why provide a rate? Just a curiosity I happened across.