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Recommendations for Hurricane-Resistant Curtain Wall? 1-7/8" thick IGU


Registered User
Sep 27, 2021
Philadelphia, PA
I've been searching thing a hurricane-resistant curtainwall system that can accommodate a 1-7/8" IGU by SageGlass that we are using to meet client required performance requirements. However, I cannot seem to find a hurricane-resistant system that can fit this glass. I have asked manufactures like YKK and Kawneer if the mullions can be modified for this thickness but they haven't responded to me or said no.

So anyone have any experience with manufacturers that can accommodate this thickness?

Paul Sweet

Oct 17, 2009
Richmond, VA
I've heard lots of horror stories on delays in getting curtainwall. I'd be nervous about trying to get any thing special at this time, unless you pre-ordered it before the job even went out to bid.