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Sawhorse Benefits

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Oct 16, 2009
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There are benefits to being a Sawhorse in addition to knowing you are helping to support The Building Code Forum. I am working on adding a few more, including content only available to Sawhorses. Here is an update as of 14 January 2024.
  • Access to the Sawhorse City section of the forum for code issues that may be too sensitive for the public.
  • Sawhorses can change their username. This requires admin approval after submission.
  • Sawhorses can edit their posts for up to 48 hours after its made.
  • Sawhorses can delete their posts (not threads) for up to 48 hours after its made.
  • Sawhorses can have a customized signature line.
  • Sawhorses can view member lists.
  • Sawhorses can view member profiles.
I will update this list as we add more.
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