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Single Family Homes, Application to Occupancy


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Nov 1, 2012
BuildingCodeCollege.com has webinars scheduled almost every week until Christmas and On-Demand courses as well.

This week is "Single Family Homes, Application to Occupancy" and "Building Codes, Purpose, Process & People".

Go to www.buildingcodecollege.com/webinars

These webinars are sponsored by ICC-Chapters providing free enrollment to their members. If you are a member of PermitTechNation or the New England Building Officials Education Association, go get your coupon code for free enrollment.

Single Family Homes, from Application to Occupancy (6-hr)

Construction of single-family, detached homes is quite a process. From planning to application to execution to inspection, there are many steps along the way. Like a dance, a beautiful performance comes from smooth steps timed by everyone in the group. Mutual understanding and respect for each professional involved and a good grasp of the choreography helps ensure no one trips up. Learn the steps of building a new home in this unique class. No formal wear required!
  • Be immersed in a photographic journey through many aspects of house construction.
  • Better understand the inspections required for new home construction.
  • Realize the complexity of coordinating over 100 individual tradespeople involved in house construction.

Building Codes, Purpose, Process & People (3-hr)

This course uncovers how the code works and the people involved. It begins with some fun history leading up to the current International Codes and follows with an enlightening explanation of how the code is developed and adopted into law. Before applying the provisions, this course lays the foundation of how to navigate the code and how the code is administered as a minimum standard. The course concludes with sessions about key players in the use of the code and offers perspective from each of them in hope for a team effort in applying the codes across our communities.
  • Be introduced to some of the history of codes and how they got to be what they are today.
  • Learn how the code is developed, adopted, administered, and navigated. Learn the rules of the rules.
  • Gain perspective by seeing what it’s like working with code behind the plans examiner’s desk, through the inspector’s eyes, and in the contractor’s boots.