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Who pays for your Certs and CEU


Aug 27, 2018
King County
As the title says who pays for your Cert testing and CEUs. Does your job reimburse you for just passes Certs? does your job sent you to classes for Certs or CEUs. Do you pay for them out of your pocket? I work for a small municipality and we don't have any consistency on this. Your input is greatly appreciated
Here it's reimbursement if you pass the class and get the CEUs. Normally passing is not an issue although I have been a couple where it got a little sticky.
We ask our boss if we can take a class or a cert test, he says to go for it, and we use our city credit card. There is some kind of limit to how many times you can fail a test before you have to start paying for it, I think you can fail twice and any subsequent attempts are on you.
Training CEU are paid by the Town town vehicle or milage and time, we pay for a certification and licenses
Muni was worried that you would leave if they paid for training so I picked up the cost on the first one. The next two the muni picked up the cost and I'm still here.
Our small jurisdiction pays for all training classes and tests -- Pass or fail, it doesn't matter. A failed test is viewed as a learning opportunity. Cert renewals are also paid by the jurisdiction. The only negative is they do NOT give certification pay increases. So there isn't much incentive to get additional certifications.
In CA, Continuing Education is paid for by the local Jurisdiction. Per state law, A local government may charge or increase inspection fees to the extent necessary to offset any added costs incurred in complying with Continuing Education.
The third party company I work for now reimburse me for classes, tests, certs, , my time, travel and membership of professional organizations. Worked for other companies that did part of this. Some would not pay over the required CEU's to keep my cert. Very first time before hired I paid for everything myself.
Every time that you get a paycheck, you are being reimbursed for your certifications and CEUs.
You, being in CA, your employer, City or County, is required to reimburse you for your continuing education
You, being in CA, your employer, City or County, is required to reimburse you for your continuing education
I got a check for $25.00 in the year 2000. Back then I had to pass a test for each certification. That meant that I had to purchase the code books because the County was way behind.
Reimbursed for passed certs. Immediate pay increase for additional certs. CEU’s paid up front, if its time sensitive or an organization the inspector is involved with alone will get reimbursed.