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  1. S

    2015 IBC CORRIDORS 1020.1, Exception 4 applicable?

    2 story building, 2nd floor corridor with total of 40 cumulative occupants that egress into the space. At each end of the corridor is an Exit Access. Is Exception 4 applicable? 2015 IBC SECTION 1020 CORRIDORS 1020.1 Construction Corridors shall be fire-resistance rated in accordance with Table...
  2. J

    Carpet in corridors

    Is a corridor considered an exit? or just an exit access? The definition implies that exit and corridor are not the same. Can it be either depending on a layout? and based on that, section 804.4 states 804.4 Interior floor finish limitations. In buildings and spaces classified in...
  3. J

    Large fireproof NLT built after 1912

    Multiple Dwelling Law, the applicable article from MDL for New Law Tenements is Article 7 Windows for public halls: Section 213 and 217 indicate that public halls require windows, I know that 1968 and 2014 Code do not require windows for public halls (Corridors) but do require artificial...
  4. S

    What is a corridor?

    I know right! sounds simple enough. Been in building code enforcement for 25 year now so wait for it please! Definition from ICC 2012 CORRIDOR. An enclosed exit access component that defines and provides a path of egress travel. Now for some context. For 25 years I have thought that when you...
  5. LGreene

    Equipment/Artwork on Corridor Walls

    Where can I find the code requirements related to equipment mounted on a rated corridor wall - like an internet router or a component used as part of a wireless access control system to extend the communication between the locks and the panel? Does the equipment have to carry a specific listing...
  6. A

    CORRIDOR vs BLDG Lobby

    Thanks for viewing: I am designing a remodel for a lobby of a 27 story building built in 1953 (non-sprinklered). The main entrance/exit I am moving over 1 structural bay. Existing entrance is all non-rated glass doors and windows. There is also a secondary exit in the back via a fire-separated...
  7. LGreene

    Storage in an Egress Corridor

    In an effort to teach the readers of my website about using the codes and knowing where to find things, I posted some photos today which show stored goods in an egress corridor: http://idighardware.com/2016/11/ww-egress-route-or-storage-space/ If any of you want to share your expertise about...