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water heater

  1. J

    Heat Pump Discharge Air

    Hi Everyone, So we are redesigning an existing residential apt and we are providing a heat pump water heater because the house doesn't have gas and more so we can't pass t24 with an electric water heater. We all know that environmental air exhausts termination need to be 3ft away from openings...
  2. eyan50495

    Water Heaters in Electrical Room

    Hi, I have previously done most projects in NYC but for a NYS project I am wondering if I can get more information. This is a Commercial Mercantile space and we have an electrical room in the basement. The client wants to relocate the water heaters int this electrical room and I am wondering...
  3. jar546

    Goodbye Workmanship?

    What skills do you really need anymore? Is this becoming a plug and play world? #flexomania