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10' from roof edge


Nov 28, 2009
Poconos/eastern PA
a existing roof top unit was already within 10' of roof edge and it is being replaced do they have to put a guard up? IMC 304.10
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According to Section 102.3 [ `06 IMC ], I will say "yes, required !"
Section 102.3:Maintenance.
"Mechanical systems, both existing
and new, and parts thereof shall
be maintained in proper operating
condition in accordance with the original design and in a safe and
sanitary condition........
Devices or safeguards which are required
by this code shall be maintained in compliance with the code edition
under which they were installed..........
The owner or the owner’s
designated agent shall be responsible for maintenance of
mechanical systems........To determine compliance with this provision,
the code official shall have the authority to require a mechanical
system to be reinspected. "

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They can "repair" the old one.....or move the new one over.....or install some guards....

the options are limitless!
Agree with others

FYI we require the guards during a re-roof also. Roofers did not like it at first but now they are all on board.
Agree with the others, check to see if they have a WP GFCI service outlet while your up there on the roof? NEC210.63.

maybe.. or put the walkway on the upside of the slope.. (above the equipment).. flat roof.. no
I think you guys are forgetting that the OP is in PA and all the contractor has to do is call and complain to a twp supervisor or borough councilperson and any requirements are waived by political intimidation.:devil
The OP did not mention the locale. Besides, the political intimidation thingy is done in every

location in the world, to greater or lesser degrees.

The Forum members simply supplied Rick with the code section that requires it.

I failed it because it was only 6' from the roof edge without a guard. But I felt uncomfortable failing it because there was 20 other units on the same roof less than 10' from edge.
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Rick, ..the difference is that the other 20 units are not
"new" construction / installation..........Once they remove
the old one and replace with a "new" one, the requirements
for "new" apply.......See the listed code section above.

BTW, which codes are you [ or the AHJ in question ] using ?

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